Made In India: New Electric Bike, No need License, Registration To Ride This Bike Find Out Why!!!

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An electric vehicle company has launched the Atum 1.0 electric motorcycle, thus making its debut in the electronic vehicle industry.

Price of Electric bike Rs. 50,000 only.

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New Electric Vehicle Launch, Atum 1.0:  Top Speed 25 kmph,250W Electric Motorcycle.

Atumobile Pvt Ltd., an electric vehicle startup based out of Hyderabad. Has paid Rs. Has launched a new homegrown electric motorcycle, the Atum 1.0 electric motorcycle. 50,000.

The company has designed the engine itself from scratch and is completely proprietary.

It is an electric bike that will run at a low speed with a top speed of 25 kmph. The bike OK has been approved by the ICAT -International Center for Automotive Technology, and is powered by a 250 watt electric motor. Also, this bike does not require registration or driving license.

The battery of this electric vehicle is a lightweight portable lithium-ion battery pack that will power the bike to travel up to 100 km on a single charge. Also, the battery only takes less than 4 hours to fully charge.

The bike is available in multiple colors across the country through Atumobile’s official website.

The battery weighs 6 kg and can be consumed at any location through a common three pin socket, approximately 1 unit per unit. This gives the bike users around Rs. Will cost 7-10 for the entire 100 km range.

In addition, Atum 1.0 will offer a fully digital display, including LED headlight, indicator and taillight. The battery will come with a two-year warranty.

According to the manufacturers of this motorcycle, the design of the Atum 1.0 will be the main attraction along with other features as well as adjustable bike handles of 20x x 4, thicker bike tires of dimensions. The seat height is also low while having ground clearance.

The company has announced that the electric bike will be built at a greenfield manufacturing facility in state of Telangana in India. The annual production capacity at this site is 15000 units and can be expanded to 10000 units.


Thinking about buying an electric scooter or motorcycle? Here are some pros

In a world struggling with fossil fuel shortages, buying an electric scooter may be a great idea. There are a bunch of options available now, and these don’t need to cost a fortune. Electric scooters use a battery, which must be charged, and electricity, as we all know, can also come from renewable and sustainable sources. Below are some quick advantages, or rules, at a glance.

1. Great on the go. If you are looking for alternative modes of transport, this is by far the best option. An inexpensive electric vehicle can be easy on the pocket, and while these are not as fast as one of the regular cars, they are great for short distances. For example, if you are going to the grocery store, you would not want to call a cab for such a short distance.

2. Tired of licensing requirements for a new car or motorcycle? Not so with electric, which is slower and slower. These are great, old and young alike. You can buy one for your mom, get one for the baby or even ride one to all the nearest town. An electric scooter is simply ideal for any household to join.

3. Has excellent features for safety and portability. If your electric scooter has run into trouble in the middle of the road, you do not need a loader to take it to a repair shop. Most of the better designs are actually very lightweight, and therefore, you can easily carry it along. Safety features have been considered by some of the better brands, and you may also find a light, or other proprietary elements.

4. No more pollution. Electric scooters use a motor that runs on the chain, and therefore, there is no noise or smoke pollution. It can be a big plus if people in cities and crowded places start using them, because we can just do away with some respect. As mentioned in the beginning, you are using a product that does not depend on fossil fuels, and by now, we all know that reducing dependence on these fuels is important.

5. Budget friendly. Well, electric scooters are cheap, and even better is the fact that you don’t have to spend too much on maintenance. Just choose a brand or manufacturer you can trust, and you should be good. Repair requirements are not frequent, and you do not need to spend too much on parts, either, replacement should be required.

All in all, electric scooters are ideal for most people. If you are trying to buy something expensive, go for an electronic cargo vehicle, which is compact, compact and can be used in many ways. In addition, take your time to evaluate the features and make sure the product is a known one. After all, you won’t want to change it soon. I am the marketing representative of Priority Electric Transportation. Priority Electric Transportation, LLC “PET” opened in 2013. We are a team of veteran electric vehicle professionals, with 32 years of experience working for companies such as Johnway, ZAP, GGT Electric, and more.

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