How to mix henna for hair colour with Indigo Powder

Henna and Indigo best powder is 100% inborn & refined for hairs colour. There are no oils, dyes, chemicals or perfumes applied.

How to mix henna for hair this is solutions is combination of Henna Mahndi & Indigo Leaf Powder. Indigo could be used in one or two phases to produce various colours, such as black, blue, medium purple, etc. Same way henna mahndi colour also coming at market or you can buy online also. It gives hair natural and appealing colour without any chemicals. Indigo dispels heat which has a calming effect that revitalizes the scalp.

Directions: For black tones, use 100 percent henna first and then 100 percent indigo second step (two steps). Using 75 percent henna and 25 percent indigo mixture for reddish gold. Using a 50 percent indigo and 50 percent henna blend for brown tones. Using 75 percent indigo and 25 percent henna blend for dark brown shades.

First, add the henna powder to your hair on top of a vibrant red foundation. In the second stage, add indigo out over newly hennaed and cleaned hair to produce a dark black colour.

Indigo powder is the rooted leaf of the herb popular as IndigoferaTinctoria. It’s also called as the indigo powder as it has the dark blue dye inside it. While the indigo powder has a blue dye, it just provides the dark brown/black natural hair and not the blue colour.

it would be very good to be using since it is extracted from such an herb and therefore chemical-free. Indigo leaf powder is also an option to hair products for everyone and many people who are susceptible and resistant to hair products. the henna mehndi base layer and the indigo second coat give a long-lasting pure black colour.

Method of Apply this power in your hairs – It’s Very Important to apply this powder as per below otherwise that powder does not effect on your hairs.

First step: How to mix henna for Hair you must take any normal henna mehndi & soak it for 24 hours before applying in your hair. After 24 hours it is to be applied on the hair for 3 hours & after that the hair must be washed without use of shampoo & soap.

Second step: Now you don’t put anything on your hair & leave them for 7 hours.

Third step: Now take the Indigo leaf powder in equal quantity as you need for your hairs. Make a paste & add a pinch of salt to it & apply this paste on your hairs. And after 90 minutes wash the hairs, make sure that you do not apply any soap & shampoo while washing the hair!

If you do not apply shampoo for two days, then your hair will remain naturally black for a long time & you can shampoo on your hairs after two days is no issue.

Size: 200 g. 



The conclusion is that if you want to prevent your hair from falling out, then you should use ‘Indigo Leaf Powder’ and save your gesture hair.

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