Covid-19: The Predator and The Prey

The coronavirus named Covid-19 seems to have rocked the world. It has become the bogeyman of the 21st century. At first, it horrified the medical profession in the way it spread rapidly and killed people. In return, they took drastic measures to get governments around the world to go into lockdown in different ways. It is nothing but a socio-economic disaster for most countries. And how the reports of infection of this virus continues in the media, it is causing unnecessary panic, chaos and confusion among the public.

In my previous article titled “Corona- The Making of the Bogeyman”, I described how a spoiled mind is incapable of rational thinking. I also told how the bureaucratic mind is also disabled by such thoughts. Therefore, it is clear to me that a fearful bureaucratic person would be doubly unable to take any rational decision. This fact is evident from what we have seen in the bureaucratic action taken by governments worldwide.


What happens and what frustrates me the most is the medical profession and the role it is playing. It is believed that the government is taking care of the physical and mental health of the people, yet the government is helping to make people’s lives more miserable. They do not appreciate the fact that saving lives at all costs is not the only thing that matters. Socio-economic costs must be considered in our decision making; Otherwise, our actions become inverted and irresponsible. Millions have lost their jobs, and millions have gone out of business. How can we ignore the mental and physical ill effects on government bureaucratic action population that creates poverty? Poverty becomes fertile ground for increase in crime, violence, drug abuse and suicide etc. Please remember that all these measures are borne by private individuals and not government employees who are mostly financially unaffected.


In my mind, I consider lockdown as an inhuman action. To lockup people living in high towers for six weeks is like sending them to solitary confinement in their cells. Also, how can we justify shutting down people for a few days on a cruise ship for their fault, simply because they have a case of coronavirus on board? Lockdown can be justified only if the measures we take kills or eliminates the virus; Otherwise we are only catching the tiger by the tail.


If we examine all the measures taken so far, we will find that they are measures of terror. They do not eliminate or kill viruses. Lockdown only slows down the spread of the virus. This is to spread the nature of all virus infections. So, once we lift the lockdown, this virus is about to spread. The stage of infection must increase. We need to appreciate the fact that this coronavirus is here to live, and we need to learn to live it in the same way that we are doing with influenza virus.

So what does the future mean for us? Do we go into lockdown every time the transition phase progresses? Do we close our schools and workplaces whenever someone’s test is positive? Until we get a cure, will we continue to flirt and remain under some bureaucratic control?


It is easy for countries with relatively small and sparse populations, such as Australia and New Zealand, to claim success in managing this virus with lockdown measures. However, in densely populated countries with large populations such as India and Europe, this is undoubtedly not a practical proposition.


Thus, there should be a better way of managing this problem. If I found myself in an outlying country town and presented a case of coronavirus to me for treatment, I ask myself, what would I do? With no diagnostic facility available to me, I would have treated that patient in the same way as I would have treated a case of influenza. Will this lead to any different result for my patient or me?

One can see that all this testing for viruses in the population may be academically desirable; However, the way the media reports it should be a concern for all of us who are trying to improve our mental health. This is shaking up the public and causing unnecessary anxiety and alarm.


Perhaps we can learn from our animal friends how they manage to live in peace with all the predators around them right from the beginning of time. If we look at the buffaloes and the lions, we see that the lions chased the buffalo and dropped them. Once the lions catch the weakest, the buffalo stops running. They begin to graze comfortably, knowing that the lions will not attack them until they are hungry again. They do not spill.


I consider all the viruses lurking in our environment as predators that hover over us like hungry lions and tigers. Typically, a healthy person will resist a virus infection based on the strength of an immune system. But once any mental or physical factor weakens our immune system, we can fall prey to any such virus.


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