Best Oriana, Home in Nature’s Arm

Address for Light

Nature’s palette is offering peace, simplicity and harmony where every view of beautiful sunrise brings hope of new beginning. We as a community believe that nature has that soothing and healing power which can tune each aspect of our life. Get ready to be part of nature’s rhythmical poem that cultivates gratitude in every soul to discover ecstasy & hold the key for intellectual and spiritual satisfaction.

Dehradun- Place Where Beauty Awake with The Rising Sun

Come and ride your dream of luxurious home in a heavenly paradise where nature has showered its auspicious blessing & have spread its unimaginable beauty all around in the form of trees with natural scenic beauty, beautiful mountains, glorified morning and pleasant evening. Dehradun is well known for greenery, temples, education hub(s), transport & medical facilities and few minutes’ drive to the queen of hill station i.e. Mussoorie -A spellbinding place in Himalayan foothills that amaze you with glittering snowy mountains and colourful lights flickering with freezing weather.

Best Oriana, Home in Nature’s Arm

Best Developers & Builders now creating a remarkable journey through building a golden opportunity for those who want to embrace their dream home with comprehensive design in most beautiful city, “Mussoorie road” the prominent spot of Dehradun gives its residents a perfect location to relax and enjoy in nature’ ’s majestic charm.

Feel the Colours of Spirit in Oriana Dwellings

Easily accessible and well connected of transport, adjacent to Haridwar & Rishikesh, beautiful landscape alluring with evening charm. Dehradun is known as “”School Capital of India” as

it is motherland of Doon School & Indian Military Academy. On the edges of city is its Jolly Grant Airport

Design to Inspire Every Moment

Best Developers & Builders collaborated with Design Forum of Architects (DFA)- Noida, to deliver the sleek and modern facade. A grand magnificent entrance, drop-off point & the vertical architectural elements flow effortlessly with the green surroundings. All apartments are planned to face the deep

valley, where residents can live in harmony and get natural ventilation and ample sunlight.

Live Life to The Fullest

Emotional Well Being-Value your emotions and live authentically with your beloved family and other society members. Inner Well Being-Break from routine lifestyle and practise yoga, meditation in amicable and mellifluous weather/society park to gain healthy mind, body which act as great therapist from stressful and hectic life. Social Well Being-Plan & enjoy parties, night outs, birthdays, anniversary and festival celebration with family & society associates in well designed & modernized society clubs/community hall to taste the diversity of Indian culture.

Renew your energy with calm, positive breath to enjoy every stage of adolescence and adulthood in our aspirational homes with World class amenities. Every dweller at Best Oriana will sense the purity and freshness of nature’ ’s sublime beauty in environmentally friendly homes.


By Sonam Singhal

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