Best Affordable Apple Watches SE’s 2020

Best Apple Watch SE
Best Apple Watch SE

Welcome everyone to Best affordable Watches SE’s 2020 insider it is here in my what a lovely audience you guys are has anyone told you that you guys are the best fans around if not don’t let anyone tell you otherwise because I love you and I’m stoked that you guys are herewith us today as we talk about new low-cost wearable the apple watch SE’s now typically in apple’s line up you’ve got the new flagship mode land then you have an aging model usually a prior generation or for the past few generations the apple watch series 3.

Best Apple Watch Series 6
Best Apple Watch Series 6

So, this year we have the best apple watch series 6 coming In India, the Apple Watch Series 6 – GPS costs ₹ 40,900 while the Watch Series 6 – GPS + Cellular costs ₹ 49,900. Apple Watch SE GPS costs ₹ 29,900 and Watch SE – GPS + Cellular costs ₹ 33,900. In India right now, Apple’s loved ones may not have to wait now because Apple has given date of lunch 16th Sep 2020.

So, is that affordable for everyone this new watch just a great bargain or is it a straight on rip-off that’s what we’re going to investigate in this Blog so, the  watch best see what is going on there well the apple watch see is essentially a few of the older models of apple watch combined so, it has the same physical design as the  watch series 6.

If you’re rocking that apple watch see few people are really going to know the difference between the see and the series 6. They just look very similar still comes in very similar colours you have the space grey you have silver and you have rose gold as the three aluminium colour options and there’s a cellular version that series 3 version it doesn’t have rose gold and it doesn’t have any cellular option in fact the apple watch see is the cheapest & best apple watch that you can use with the new family setup option which makes it great for aging family members or kids who maybe don’t have an iPhone so apart from that same design there are a few differences that we want to point out now there are a lot of the same health features found on the apple watch see things like high and low heart rate detection we also have the ability to detect falls on the apple watch it has the always-on altimeter that monitors out the day as you change elevation a bunch of stuff like that where the big changes are with the processor the few with the different best biometric sensors and with a display starting with the display so the display is pretty much the same as we see on the watch series 6. The difference is it doesn’t stay on all the time the always on display is exclusive and best to the  watch  series 6.

But a lot of people aren’t going to care about that we also don’t have the measurements and we also don’t have the both of those are going to been exclusive to the apple watch series 6. Finally that leaves us with a processor apple is using its latest a13 bionic inspired s6 sip processor in the apple watch series6 but in the apple watch see we are still using the s5 processor now that’s not a huge difference because we’ve been using the s5 processor for a long time now and it definitely kicks but it’s a very good solid dual core processor so you’re going to get 20% more speed with this series 6.

Personally we think is a great trade off unless you need any of those specific features such as o2 monitoring or you really need the functionality the apple use see has almost everything else sure you lose out on 20 % speed sure you lose out on the always on display but for a hundred and twenty dollars less you get pretty much the entire apple watch that to me is a bargain much better than the apple watch series three which is still kicking around for two hundred dollars there’s a huge amount of differences there you don’t have cellular options you don’t have the colour options you have a huge difference in processors going from the s3 to the s5 there you have a huge redesign that came with the series four mean the new larger display and everything with rounded cord looks so much better.

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